Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm pacific


A one operator, high production Triple-Buck shirt press engineered to press the full shirt body and steam-air finish the sleeves, with automatic unloading of the hangered garment to a slick rail. The shirt front is held to the front of each pressing buck by a vacuum system that eliminates tail clamps and the marks they leave.

Standard Benefits

  • Machine capable of 240 shirts/hour with single operator
  • Single cylinder pressing system provides even pressing and superior finish
  • Vacuum system holds garment securely during pressing and transfer
  • Automatic, hands free garment un-loader
  • Adjustable height operator controls
  • Recirculating air system reduces energy consumption

Integrated Safety

  • CE Light Frame Technology (optional)
  • Exterior plexiglass guard around machine turntable
  • Two handed start with emergency and index stops
  • Tooled entry service panels

PLC Control System

  • User friendly color touch screen
  • Icon based
  • Energy saving pause mode
  • Six program hot keys
  • Display and record productivity monitoring
  • Garment count
  • Cycles/hr
  • Maximum cycles/hr
  • Ethernet interface
  • Picture based alarm and troubleshooting
  • Six built in languages