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AccuCounter Classifier

Removes high volume items from the soil belt and delivers directly to the wash slings, reducing labor costs.

When two or more items make up 50% (or more) of the soiled linen volume, it is more efficient for these items to be taken off the soil sorting conveyor belt and to be dumped directly into a sling.

Valuable plant floor space is saved and typically the need for one or two belt-sorting operators is eliminated.

The soiled goods conveyor belt does not stop as frequently, thus increasing production.

Typically a third tube is added to each counting workstation table. The tubes from each table can feed any number of bins each dedicated to a wash classification.

The system is based upon the “dry weight” concept for efficiently loading the wash wheel.

Standard Features

  • For all types of soiled items
  • Reduces congestion on the soil belt
  • Saves labor
  • More accurate wash loads based on clean, dry weight
  • Variable, vacuum based system reduces motor horsepower requirements by one-third and effectively controls lint and debris
  • Buffer bin design eliminates dump delay for operator
  • Classifier bins can be located anywhere in the plant
  • PLC based bin controls
  • All stainless steel construction