Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm pacific

AccuCounter Light Frames

Automated soil counting system for all types of soiled items including shop towels, uniforms, medical and restaurant linens.

Standard Features

  • Items can be collected directly into a sling cart or onto a conveyor belt
  • Light frames may be configured with one or multiple frames per workstation
  • Multiple languages available, touch screen convenience
  • Resettable on screen sling counter
  • Solid-state, fan-less PC and LCD industrial touch screen monitor
  • Counts are recorded at the host computer and can be exported to any route accounting system
  • Tracking reports by customer, ticket, item or operator

Optional Features

  • Ideal for counting many of a few different type of items
  • One or more items can be assigned to different frames
  • Operator is alerted when sling is full and needs to be changed
  • Alerts when sling assignments change based on customer account
  • Designed for bulk accounts such as Hotel/Motel, Healthcare and Industrial
  • Multiple frames assigned to one touch-screen control station