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AutoMac Loading System

The AutoMac Loading System was developed by Colmac Industries as a complete automatic loading system in three operator loading area sizes. It utilizes a spiral conveyor that becomes a loading rail to assist in hangering garments, a storage system to hold garments, and a supply conveyor that transfers the hangered garments to the AutoMac Loader Head.

Standard Features

  • Unique, simple hanger separating system requires little maintenance, no adjustment, and allows different hangers to be processed simultaneously.
  • The design virtually eliminates the problem of double loading onto the tunnel finisher conveyor resulting in better quality from the finisher.
  • As long as there are garments being supplied to the loading system, all the spaces on the tunnel finisher conveyor will be filled by the AutoMac providing for a more productive tunnel finisher.
  • Loading control sensor system instantly compensates for change in conveyor speed.