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CFS Modular Wide Body

The CFS 2100 Series garment finisher is designed for the high production finishing of blended garments wet-to-dry, damp-to-dry, and/or dry-to-dry. Infinitely expandable, each module is self contained with heat source and control system providing unparalleled control and performance.

The world class CFS 2100 series tunnel finisher is the most productive tunnel finisher in the world today. Over the past decade the Colmac CFS 2100 series has become a staple in major industrial laundries around the world. The CFS 2100 series tunnel finisher has earned the reputation as the most dependable finishing system in the industry.

The 2100 series tunnel finisher has a lengthened steam module to increase the garment’s exposure to the steaming process. By injecting steam from the sides, above and below the garment, the steaming system improves steam penetration into the garments while using less steam.

The steam section has the Colmac “walk through” design to allow for easy access for maintenance and cleaning. The steam chamber has smooth stainless steel walls with no exposed rivets or fasteners to catch on garments. The 2100 series tunnel finisher uses a built in drain system, condensate return, and a heated floor pan to prevent moisture from collecting at the bottom of the tunnel. All steam components are enclosed behind a lift-off panel for safety.

Standard Features

  • Both the steam section and the finishing sections of the CFS 2100 series tunnel have removable lift-off panels to safely enclose steam, gas, blowers and electrical components
  • Configurable in either left or right hand hanger logic to fit your plant layout
  • Available in either high efficiency natural gas or steam heated
  • Available with push button controls, or the new redundant PLC control system
  • Sensors to trigger the steam injection and save energy when not needed
  • Each finishing module is equipped with easy to use lint screens, or the new automatic lint screen cleaning system
  • Fully tested at the factory prior to shipping

Advanced Gas Chamber
Colmac produced the first direct fired, gas-heated finishing chamber in 1982, and has continued to improve upon that foundation. The CFS 2100 Series employs a new, highly efficient, “state-of-the-art” gas train in the finishing modules. This gas train is composed of internationally approved parts.

Every Colmac CFS 2100 Series finishing module comes equipped with its own gas train and blower system. Each module is individually wired, and need not be removed from production in the event another module is being serviced. Each module has its own gas inlet and emergency shut-off valve.

Installation Drawings