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CFS Series Wide Body Boilerless

COLMAC’s patented “WIZARD” technology uses a built-in steam generation unit to eliminate the need for an external boiler to supply steam for fabric relaxation. The revolutionary COLMAC “WIZARD” Technology allows a tunnel finishing system suited for installations where a high pressure boiler system is not available or desirable.


  • Non-pressurized system means no boiler restrictions or regulations
  • Simple water and drain connection
  • Use ordinary tap water

Standard Features:

  • COLMAC “WIZARD” Boilerless Technology
  • Electronic thermostat temperature control with digital readout
  • Stainless steel entrance enclosure pre-conditions garments
  • Smooth-formed stainless steel interior panels without exposed fasteners or sharp edges
  • The CFS control panel is UL Listed and places all tunnel controls in one simple location
  • Entrance and exit ends designed to reduce steam and heat loss
  • Lift-off exterior panels with locking handles provide for easy serviceability while restricting unauthorized access
  • Standard two-year parts warranty
  • Colmac tested for quality assurance
  • Access to the best service department in the industry
  • Exhaust blower removes excess heat and steam from the workplace