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CTU Series U-Turn

The Colmac CTU Series tunnel finishers utilize the “U-Turn” configuration rather than the straight-through design of the CFS Wide Body Series. The “U-Turn” configuration is preferred due to equipment placement, conveyor system and/or production flow. Our “AIRFOIL” blower system moves more air to accomplish high quality finish at the high production rates needed in today’s industrial uniform laundry.

Standard Features

  • No other U-Turn tunnel finisher on the market can boast the quality, production and rugged construction
  • Advanced blower and air distribution system
  • Standard PLC and touch screen control system
  • Full entrance/exit enclosure to evacuate excess heat and steam
  • Air distribution system equalizes air volume and turbulence throughout entire finishing chamber assuring top quality, performance and productivity
  • Full-length air return system saves energy by effectively recirculating heated air back to the blower
  • Adjustable steam settings: exceptional finished garment quality begins with properly conditioning the garment and preparing it for the finishing/drying chamber. Proper steam volume in the steam chamber is critical
  • U.L. listed industrial control panel
  • Standard two-year parts warranty

Installation Drawings