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The Cube Series

A tunnel finisher designed with Colmac’s unique Steam/Air mixing throughout the entire machine along with Active Interior Walls to provide a consistently high quality garment finish. An 81″ interior process height allows finishing of coveralls and other long garments using a standard hanger. The Bi-directional layout easily accommodates customer plant layouts. Machine operating functions are controlled by a pre-programmed PLC with program selection by a touch screen and the machine is available in both left-or-right hand hanger logic.

Standard Benefits

  • Steam/Air Mixing Throughout The Entire Machine Provides consistently improved garment finish
  • Active Interior Walls Airflow increases wrinkle removing power
  • Bi-directional Accommodates custom conveyor layouts
  • 81” Interior Process Height Finish coveralls full length on the hanger
  • Reduced Energy Consumption Exterior wall design maximizes heat retention
  • Internal Stainless-Steel Construction Maximizes tunnel longevity
  • Serviceability All machine components accessible from floor level
  • Two-Year Warranty Free phone tech support for the life of the machine
  • 1,000 to 4,000 Pieces Per Hour
  • Proudly Made In The USA