Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm pacific

Triple Connie Turbo II

This is a triple buck garment press which is specifically designed to press long garments such as lab coats and medical garments, as well as shorter garments like shirts and chef coats. It presses both the front and back of the garments while powerfully steam-air finishing the sleeves. Standard with vacuum buck and automatic unloader.

Standard Benefits

  • Machine capable of 240 shirts/hour with single operator
  • Single cylinder pressing system provides even pressing and superior finish
  • Vacuum system holds garment securely during pressing and transfer
  • Automatic, hands free garment unloader
  • Adjustable height operator controls
  • Re-circulating air system reduces energy consumption

Integrated Safety

  • CE Light Frame Technology (optional)
  • Exterior plexiglass guard around machine turntable
  • Two handed start with emergency and index stops
  • Tooled entry service panels

PLC Control System

  • User friendly color touch screen
  • Icon based
  • Energy saving pause mode
  • Six program hot keys
  • Display and record productivity monitoring
  • Garment count
  • Cycles/hr
  • Maximum cycles/hr
  • Ethernet interface
  • Picture based alarm and troubleshooting
  • Six built in languages