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  • Conveyor Chain & Systems

    Colmac’s proprietary material selection and component design are credited with the enhancements in durability. The unique design of the carry pendant allows for the hanger to smoothly slide when transferring between conveyors.

  • Tunnel Finishers

    Colmac tunnel finishing systems are engineered to provide the highest quality finish in the quickest time for an affordable cost. Thermostatically controlled, high velocity air circulates though the tunnel to wipe away wrinkles as heat relaxes the fabric and removes moisture. With models to fit all production requirements, Colmac offers four platforms to fit your needs, and the addition of our patented BOILERLESS technology provides even more flexibility to an already extensive range of solutions.

  • Presses

    With over 30 years of development from the industry leader in high-production, high-quality pressing, Colmac provides a full range of garment presses for the industrial laundry. Colmac's products include the industry's only triple-buck, long garment press; a collar and cuff press designed to press in one operation; the laser accurate Laser Sleever; a simple yet innovative buck-up legger/utility press, a pant topper; and an automatic pant press for high volume applications.

  • Other Products

    Colmac Industries offers a wide range of supporting equipment and options to automate and simplify your laundry operations. Whether you are looking for a simple stand alone addition to your operation or a fully automated system to streamline your garment finishing process, Colmac can provide you the solution you need.